Winter 2018 Journal Roundup

Check out our Journal Roundups for the latest articles in Islamic studies. Nine iterations have been published and the Winter 2018 edition is now online. The Winter Edition currently has issues from nineteen journals in a wide variety of subjects and disciplines and will be revised as more journals announce their winter issues.

The journal roundup project covers over eighty English language journals in a variety of disciplines related to Islamic Studies, providing the table of contents for each journal as a tool for researchers, academics, students, and those generally interested in the field of Islamic Studies. We include only articles; book reviews can be found on the journal sites. Please let us know if we have missed any journals or if you have questions at



Arab Law Quarterly

Arab Law Quarterly

Volume 32 Issue 1

Procedure of Issuing Religious Divorce and Resolving Matrimonial Disputes at Sharīʿah Councils in the UK by Rafidah Mohamad Cusairi and Mahdi Zahraa

The Grounds for Setting Aside Arbitral Awards under the Egyptian Arbitration Code: Unresolved Choice of Law Issues and Unwanted Extraterritorialism by Yehya Ikram Ibrahim Badr

The Impact of Islamic Criminal Law on the Qatari Penal Code by Ahmed Samir Hassanein

Preventive Composition Scheme in Oman as a Rescue Scheme: Still a Myth? by Saleh Al-Barashdi

British Journal of Middle East Studies

British Journal of Middle East Studies

Volume 45 Issue 1

Special Issue: De-Centring Shi’i Islam

De-Centring Shiʿi Islam by Morgan Clarke and Mirjam Künkler

Divergent Processes of Localization in Twenty-First-Century Shiʿism: The Cases of Hezbollah Venezuela and Cambodia’s Cham Shiʿis by Philipp Bruckmayr

Making a Centre in the Periphery: The Legitimation of Muhammad Husayn Fadlallah’s Beirut Marjaʿiyya by Morgan Clarke

Shiʿi Preaching in West Africa: The Dakar Sermons of Lebanese Shaykh al-Zayn by Mara A. Leichtman and Abdullah F. Alrebh

Sub-Centres of Power in Shiʿi Islam: Women of ʿAlid Descent in the Contemporary Near East by Raffaele Mauriello

Challenging Transnational Shiʿi Authority in Baʿth Syria by Edith Szanto

Critical Muslim

Critical Muslim

Volume 25

Special Issue: Values

Introduction: Apples and Bananas by Merryl Wyn Davies

Islam, Christianity and Pluralism by Rowan Williams

The Umma by Jeremy Henzell-Thoms

Islam and Human Values by Kabir Helminski

Why Am I Still Muslim? by Mohammed Hashas

Islamic Enlightenment by Christopher de Bellaigue

Welcoming the Stranger, Mourning the Stranger by Boyd Tonkin

Compassion by Maurice Irfan Coles

Kamala Khan by Esra Mirze Santesso

Non-Violence by Mohammed Moussa

Everyday Bigotry by Shaista Aziz

Dreaming of Postnormal Chimera by C. Scott Jordan

Arts and Letters

Dervish Dance by Hannah McClure

Other Voices by Khidr Collective

Beggars by Sheba Saeed

The Donkey’s Dispute by Anselm Turmeda

Five Poems by Maya Abu Al-Hayyat

Intellectual History of the Islamicate World

Intellectual History of the Islamicate World

Volume 6 Issue 1-2

Special Issue: Medical Traditions. Part II

The Two Ibn Sīnās: Negotiating Literature by M.A. Mujeeb Khan

Medical Crises and Critical Days in Avicenna and After: Insights from the Commentary Tradition by Glen M. Cooper

Post-Avicennan Physics in the Medical Commentaries of the Mamluk Period by Nahyan Fancy

Iatrochemistry and Paracelsism in the Ottoman Empire in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries by Natalia Bachour

Medical Knowledge in ʿAlī Ufuḳī’s Musical Notebook (Mid-17th Century) by Judith I. Haug

The Chapter on Rasāyana (Medications for Rejuvenation) in Miʿrāj al-duʿāʾ, a Shiʿite Text from the 12th/18th Century by Y. Tzvi Langermann

Unveiling Christ in the Islamicate World: Fakhr al-Dīn al-Rāzī’s Prophetology as a Model for Christian Apologetics in Gregory Bar ʿEbrōyō’s Treatise on the Incarnation by Bert Jacobs

Single-Source Records in the Intercommunal Life of al-Andalus: The Cases of Ibn al-Naghrīla and the Cordoban Martyrs by Sarah Stroumsa

International Journal of Islamic Architecture

International Journal of Islamic Architecture

Volume 7 Issue 1

Design in Theory Articles

Reordering Nature: Power Politics in the Mughal Shikargah by Shaha Parpia

The Radicalization of Heritage in Tunisia by Virginie Rey

Explosions and Expulsions in Ottoman Athens: A Heritage Perspective on the Temple of Olympian Zeus by Elizabeth Cohen

‘Authenticity’ as Intermediary: Contested Memories of the Mughal Fort of Old Delhi by Saleema Waraich

Design in Practice Article

Competing Visions for a Modern Emirate: The Government Centre of the State of Qatar  by Adam Himes

International Journal of Middle East Studies

International Journal of Middle East Studies

Volume 50 Issue 1

From Overt to Veiled Segregation: Israel’s Palestinian Arab Citizens in the Galilee by Gershon Shafir

The Missing Turkish Revolution: Comparing Village-Level Change and Continuity in Republican Turkey and Soviet Central Asia, 1920–50 by Mustafa Tuna

Jurists of War and Peace: Siddik Sami̇ Onar (1898–1972) and Ali̇ Fuad Başgi̇l (1893–1967) on Law and Prerogative in Turkey by Joakim Parslow

Point of No Return? Prospects of Empire after the Ottoman Defeat in the Balkan Wars (1912–13) by Ramazan Hakkı Öztan

Sayyid Qutb and the Crisis of Culture in Late 1940s Egypt by Giedre Sabaseviciute


Digitizing the Textual Heritage of the Premodern Islamicate World: Principles and Plans by Matthew Thomas Miller, Maxim G. Romanov, Sarah Bowen Savant

What Does “Born Digital” Mean? by Elias Muhanna

Digital Islamic Law: Purpose and Prospects by Intisar A. Rabb, Sharon Tai

Giving Voice to Ancient Texts: Manuscript Scholarship in the Digital Era by Columba Stewart

The Zaydi Manuscript Tradition: Virtual Repatriation of Cultural Heritage by Sabine Schmidtke

A Digital Humanities for Premodern Islamic History by Maxim Romanov

“Tell Me Something I Don’t Know!”: The Place and Politics of Digital Methods in the (Islamicate) Humanities by Matthew Thomas Miller, Sarah Bowen Savant

Iranian Studies

Iranian Studies

Volume 51 Issue 1

The Many Deaths of Cyrus the Great by Daniel Beckman

Rhetoric, Narrative, and the Remembrance of Death in ʿAttār’s Mosibat-nāmeh by Austin Michael O’Malley

Signs from Above: Towards a Comparative Symbology of Bird Imagery in Medieval Near Eastern Popular Prose by Rachel Schine

Daryā-ye Nur: History and Myth of a Crown Jewel of Iran by Anna Malecka

Middle Class Urbanism: The Socio-Spatial Transformation of Tehran, 1921–41 by Ashkan Rezvani-Naraghi

“Where Do I Go without Money?” Reza Shah’s Finances in Exile by Shaul Bakhash

Race and the Aesthetics of Alterity in Mahshid Amirshahi’s Dadeh Qadam-Kheyr by Amirhossein Vafa

Iranian Studies

Iranian Studies

Volume 51 Issue 2

Mesopotamian or Iranian? A New Investigation on the Origin of the Goddess Anāhitā by Alireza Qaderi

Remnants of Zoroastrian Dari in the Colophons and Sālmargs of Iranian Avestan Manuscripts by Saloumeh Gholami

Satire in the Paintings of “Mohammad-e Siāh Qalam” by James White

The Iranian Community of the Late Ottoman Empire and the Egyptian “Crisis” through the Persian Looking Glass: The Documentation of the ʿUrabi Revolt in Istanbul’s Akhtar by Tanya Elal Lawrence

Performance Traditions of Kurdistan: Towards a More Comprehensive Theatre History by Mahroo Rashidirostami

Reading Iran: American Academics and the Last Shah by Matthew K. Shannon

Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations

Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations

Volume 29 Issue 1

Special Issue: Islam and Christian-Muslim Engagement at the Edges of Empires

Islam and Christian–Muslim Engagement at the Edges of Empires by Douglas Pratt

Defining Muslims on the Afghan Frontier: T. P. Hughes and His Dictionary of Islam by Alan Guenther

Christians and Muslims in Southeast Asia: Attitudes Inherited, Transmitted, Consolidated and Challenged by Peter G. Riddell

Christian–Muslim Relations in China and Japan in the Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries by James Harry Morris

Christians and Muslims in Nineteenth-Century China: Perspectives of Two Contemporary Journals by Stuart Vogel

Mahometans on the Edge of Colonial Empire: Antipodean Experiences by Abdullah Drury

At Port and at Sea: Early Muslim Presence along the Australian Coastline, 1880–1939 by Katherine Laura Jennings

Israel Affairs

Israel Affairs

Volume 24 Issue 1

War by Other Means: The Delegitimisation Campaign Against Israel by Matthew S. Cohen and Chuck D. Freilich

The Labour Movement and Welfare Policy in Israel, 1948–1977 by Abraham Doron

The Use of Sport in the Arab–Israeli Conflict by Ron Schleifer and Ilan Tamir

Joseph Sisco: The Driving Force Behind the Quest for an Israel‒Egypt Peace Settlement, 1969–1971 by Moshe Gat

Scripts of Service Culture and Joint Operations of Air and Ground Forces: An IDF Case Study by Uzi Ben-Shalom & Yuval Tsur

The Effect of Education Level on Wages in Israel by Tal Shahor

The Rise in Israel’s Real Estate Prices: Sociodemographic Aspects by Erez Cohen

Deserving and Privileged: The Social Construction of the Right to Housing in Israel by Ravit Hananel

Uphill Political Struggle: Joseph Trumpeldor in Japan and Manchuria, 1904‒1906 by Jonathan Goldstein

The Ausraelis: Israelis in Australia as a Test Case of Distinctiveness Vis-à-Vis the Jewish Diaspora by Ran Porat

Journal of Islamic Studies

Journal of Islamic Studies

Volume 29 Issue 1

Poetic Memories of the Prophet’s Family: Ibn Ḥajar al-ʿAsqalānī’s Panegyrics for the ʿAbbasid Sultan-Caliph of Cairo al-Mustaʿīn by Mona Hassan

Impostors, Antinomians and Pseudo-Sufis: Cataloguing the Miscreants by Hamid Algar

The Politics of Claiming and Representation: The Islamic Movement in Israel by Mansour Nasasra

The Journal of North African Studies

The Journal of North African Studies

Volume 23 Issue 1-2

Special Issue: Violence and the Politics of Aesthetics: A Postcolonial Maghreb Without Borders

Violence and the Politics of Aesthetics: A Postcolonial Maghreb Without Borders by Brahim El Guabli and Jill Jarvis

Decolonising Violence: Revolutionary Affinities Between the U.S. Black Power Movement and the Moroccan Journal Souffles by Teresa Villa-Ignacio

Souffles–Anfās and the Moroccan Avant-Garde Post-Independence by Anouar El Younssi

Rethinking the Maghreb and the Post-Colonial Intellectual in Khatibi’s Les temps modernes Issue in 1977 by Idriss Jebari

(Im)mobility and Mediterranean Migrations: Journeys ‘Between the Pleasures of Wealth and the Desires of the Poor’ by Mariangela Palladino

Chiasmus and après-coup: Andalusia as Trauma in Rachid Boudjedra’s La Prise de Gibraltar by Edwige Tamalet Talbayev

Gender, Violence and Representation in Three Algerian Women’s Films by Touria Khannous

Writing Beyond Trauma: Assia Djebar, Maissa Bey, and New National Identities after Algeria’s Civil War by Meryem Belkaid

Writing Violence in Bashīr Muftī’s Ashbāḥ al-Madīnah al-Maqtūlah (The Ghosts of the Murdered City) by Houda Hamdi

Towards an Ethics of Traumatic Memory: Mouloud Feraoun’s La cité des roses and Zahia Rahmani’s France, récit d’une enfance by Lucy R. McNair

Tagging in Algeria: Graffiti as Aesthetic Claim and Protest by Karim Ouaras

Laughing at the Victims: The Function of Popular Jokes during Algeria’s ‘Dark Decade,’ 1991–2002 by Elizabeth Perego

Narrating Tazmamart: Visceral Contestations of Morocco’s Transitional Justice and Democracy by Naïma Hachad

Documentary Cinema and Memory of Political Violence in Post-Authoritarian Morocco and Tunisia (2009–2015) by Marie Pierre-Bouthier

The Resurgence of Prison Memory in Post-Revolutionary Tunisia Testimonies Between Truth and Memory by Bechir Ghachem

Haunting the Future: Narratives of Jewish Return in Israeli and Moroccan Cinema by Alexandra Chreiteh (Shraytekh)


The Resurgence of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghrib by Raphaël Lefèvre


Youssef Fadel’s Re-Imagination(s) of Moroccan Testimonial Literature: A Book Review Essay by Brahim El Guabli


The Urban and Virtual Rhetoric of Tcharmil: Display, Violence and Resistance by Moulay Driss El Maarouf and Taieb Belghazi

Reducing Barriers: How The Jews of Djerba Are Using Tourism to Assert Their Place in the Modern Nation State of Tunisia by Mourad Boussetta

Le Patrimoine Vivant: Ethnographic Dilemma in Independent Tunisia by Virginie Rey

Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society

Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society

Volume 28 Issue 1

A Subtle Difference: On Ending One’s Own Life in Muslim Religious Thought by Jan-Peter Hartung

Tales Bent Backward: Early Modern Local History in Persianate Transregional Contexts by Derek J. Mancini-Lander

Reframing the Mongols in 1260: The Armenians, the Mongols and the Magi by Angus Stewart

New Light on Early Mongol Islamisation: The Case of Arghun Aqa’s Family by Ishayahu Landa

The British Monopoly on the Surat Trade to the Middle East and the Indian Ship-Owning Merchants’ Struggle Against It: 1759–1800 by Michelguglielmo Torri

Journal of Sufi Studies

Journal of Sufi Studies

Volume 6 Issue 2

Jews and Judaism in Classical Sufi Literature by Elisha Russ-Fishbane

Comparing the Teachings of ʿAbd al-Qādir al-Jīlānī and Abū Madyan by Pascal Held

Sufi Poetry in Twentieth-Century Nigeria by Andrea Brigaglia

Middle East Critique

Middle East Critique

Volume 27 Issue 1

Special Issue: Trajectory for Kurds

Guest Editor’s Introduction: Trajectory for Kurds by Egemen B. Bezci

When the Present Sends Back to the Past: Reading the Kurdish Issue in the 2010s by Hamit Bozarslan

Kurdayetî: Pan-Kurdish Solidarity and Cross-Border Links in Times of War and Trauma by William Gourlay

Paradigm Shift between Turkey and the Kurds: From ‘Clash of the Titans’ to ‘Game of Thrones’ by Burak Bilgehan Özpek

Mutual Economic Interdependence or Economic Imbalance: Turkish Private Sector Presence in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq by Christina Bache

Homeland Calling: Kurdish Diaspora and State-building in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq in the Post-Saddam Era by Bahar Baser

The Middle East Journal

The Middle East Journal

Volume 72 Issue 1

Securitized Diplomacy: Israel’s Jewish Identity and the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process by Ronnie Olesker

Not Allowed to Win: Lebanon’s Sporting Boycott of Israel by Danyel Reiche

Exploring Palestinian Weapon Proliferation during the Oslo Peace Process by Jamie Levin

Social Relationships and the Prevention of Anti-Christian Violence in Egypt by Jason Brownlee

Making Winners: Urban Transformation and Neoliberal Populism in Turkey by Seda Demiralp

Middle Eastern Studies

Middle Eastern Studies

Volume 54 Issue 1

Exclusion-Moderation in the Gulf Context: Tracing the Development of Pragmatic Islamism in Kuwait by Courtney Freer

Nexus of Armed Conflicts and Migrations to the Gulf: Migrations to the GCC from War-Torn Source Countries in Asia, Africa and the Arab Neighbourhood by Marko Valenta and Jo Jakobsen

The Domestic Application of International Human Rights Conventions in Saudi Arabia and the Need to Ratify Conventions on Migrant Workers by Abdullah M. Almutairi

The Renunciation of Minority Rights and the Making of the 1926 Civil Law: Mahzars Penned by non-Muslim Minorities by Betül Açıkgöz and Erdoğan Keskinkılıç

A Project of Destruction, Peace, or Techno-Science? Untangling the Relationship between the Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) and the Kurdish Question in Turkey by Arda Bilgen

East Sees East: The Image of Jews from Islamic Countries in the Jewish Discourse of Interwar Poland by Magdalena Kozłowska

From the Land of the Rising Sun to the Nation of the Crescent Moon: A Visit to Turkey by a Japanese Training Fleet by Safiye Kiranlar and Muhammed Bilal Çelik

The First World War and the Middle East: A Literature Review of Recent Scholarship by Rob Johnson

Middle Eastern Studies

Middle Eastern Studies

Volume 54 Issue 2

The British Mandate and the Crisis of Palestinian Landlessness, 1929–1936 by Charles Anderson

The Second World War as a Turning Point in Arab–Jewish Relations: The Case of Jaffa and Tel Aviv by Tamir Goren

Ethnic Interests and National Ideology during Israel’s First Decade: Addressing the Rational Oriental Vote by Avi Bareli

Mixed Fragmented Migrations of Iraqis and Challenges to Iraqi Refugee Integration: The Jordanian Experience by Kwaku Opoku Dankwah and Marko Valenta

Migration, Memory and Mythification: Relocation of Suleymani Tribes on the Northern Ottoman–Iranian Frontier by Erdal Çiftçi

Struggling for the Kurdish Vote: Religion, Ethnicity and Victimhood in AKP and BDP/HDP Rally Speeches by Ioannis N. Grigoriadis and Esra Dilek

Institutional Journalism in a Revolutionary Crisis: The Press as an Aide to the Muslim Brotherhood 2011–2012 by Liad Porat & Alonit Berenson

Between Private and Collective in New Generation Palestinian Literature: Akram Musallam as a Test Case by Dorit Gottesfeld

The Muslim World

The Muslim World

Volume 108 Issue 1

Special Issue: Ibn Taymiyya: Receptions (14th – 17th Century)

Introduction by Caterina Bori

Ibn Taymiyya and His Ashʿarite Opponents on Reason and Revelation: Similarities, Differences, and a Vicious Circle by Frank Griffel

Theology as Translation: Ibn Taymiyya’s Fatwa Permitting Theology and Its Reception into His Averting the Conflict between Reason and Revealed Tradition (Darʾ Taʿāruḍ al-ʿAql wa l-Naql) by Jon Hoover and Marwan Abu Ghazaleh Mahajneh

Ibn Taymiyya (14th to 17th Century): Transregional Spaces of Reading and Reception by Caterina Bori

Ibn Taymiyya as Avicennan? Fourteenth-Century Cosmological Controversies in Damascus by Rodrigo Adem

Reading Ibn Taymiyya in Granada. A Study of Inexplicit Citation by Islam Dayeh

Ibn Taymiyya on the Proofs of Prophecy and His Legacy: Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya (d. 751/1350) and Ibn al-Wazīr (d. 840/1436) by Nadjet Zouggar

Taymiyyan Taṣawwuf Meets Ottoman Orthodoxy: Reformed Sufism in the Thought of Aḥmad al-Rūmī al-Āqḥiṣārī by Mustapha Sheikh

Politics and Religion

Politics and Religion

Volume 11 Issue 1

Religious Regulation as Foreign Policy: Morocco’s Islamic Diplomacy in West Africa by Ann Marie Wainscott

Turkish Studies

Turkish Studies

Volume 19 Issue 1

Turkey’s EU Accession as a Factor in the 2016 Brexit Referendum by James Ker-Lindsay

Ethnicity and Confidence in Government: The Case of Turkish-Minority Relations by Tavishi Bhasin, Charity Butcher, and Deniz Gumustekin

The Otherness of Turkey in European Integration by Kürşad Ertuğrul and Öznur Akcalı Yılmaz

The Political Economy of Coups d’Etat: A General Survey and a Local Theory for Turkey by Alper H. Yagci

A Snapshot of the Blackbox: A 2015 Survey of the Turkish Officer Corps by Metin Gurcan

From Competitive to Multidirectional Memory: A Literary Tool for Comparison by Çimen Günay-Erkol and Deniz Şenol-Sert

Autobiography and Conservative-Nationalist Political Opposition in Early Republican Turkey by Yasemin Ipek