Spring 2018 Journal Roundup

[Updated: 14 May] Check out our Journal Roundups for the latest articles in Islamic studies. Ten iterations have been published and the Spring 2018 edition is now online. The Spring Edition currently has issues from thirty-one journals in a wide variety of subjects and disciplines and will be revised as more journals announce their spring issues.

The journal roundup project covers over eighty English language journals in a variety of disciplines related to Islamic Studies, providing the table of contents for each journal as a tool for researchers, academics, students, and those generally interested in the field of Islamic Studies. We include only articles; book reviews can be found on the journal sites. Please let us know if we have missed any journals or if you have questions at journals@themaydan.com.




Volume 1 Issue 1

Introduction: The American Institute of Afghanistan Studies by Thomas Barfield

Incorporating North-western Afghanistan into the British Empire: Experiments in Indirect Rule through the Making of an Imperial Frontier, 1884–87 by Francesca Fuoli

From Persianate Pasts to Aryan Antiquity. Transnationalism and Transformation in Afghan Intellectual History, c.1880–1940 by Nile Green

Afghan Internationalism and the Question of Afghanistan’s Political Legitimacy by Elisabeth Leake

Le monastère de Qol-e-Tut à la lumière des fouilles archéologiques by Zafar Paiman

Alptegin in the Siyāsat-nāma by Jürgen Paul

How Alexander Entered India: With a Note on Ortospana (the Ancient Name of Ghazni?) by Claude Rapin and Frantz Grenet

The Hydrological Networks of the Balkh Oasis after the Arrival of Islam: A Landscape Archaeological Perspective by Paul Wordsworth

Al-Masāq: Journal of the Medieval Mediterranean

Al-Masāq: Journal of the Medieval Mediterranean

Volume 30 Issue 1

Special Issue: Hair in the Mediaeval Muslim World


Beards, Braids and Moustachios: Exploring the Social Meaning of Hair in the Mediaeval Muslim World by Petra M. Sijpesteijn


Shaving Hair and Beards in Early Islamic Egypt: An Arab Innovation? by Petra Sijpesteijn

The Luscious Locks of Lust: Hair and the Construction of Gender in Egypt from Clement to the Fāṭimids by Christina Thérèse (Tineke) Rooijakkers

Rebarbative Beards in Classical Arabic Literature by Geert Jan van Gelder

A Hairy State of Mind: Creativity in the Arabic Literary Imaginary by Wen-chin Ouyang

The Mediation of Hair: Ṣūfī, Ḥurūfī, and Poetic Usages in Persian Texts by Shahzad Bashir

Hair and Beards in the Early Medieval West by Ian Wood

American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences

American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences

Volume 35 Issue 2

A Passionate Pursuit of Justice: Towards an Ethics of Islamic Feminist Research Practice by Shirin Saeidi

Specters of Islam: Anti-Islamist (Re)Presentations in Secular Media and Feminism (1979–2011) by Tanzeen R. Doha

Arabic Sciences and Philosophy

Arabic Sciences and Philosophy

Volume 28 Issue 1

The Early Great Debate: A Comment on Ibn al-Haytham‘s Work on the Location of the Milky Way with Respect to the Earth by Andreas Eckart

Early Exegetical Practice on Avicenna’s Šifāʾ: Faḫr al-Dīn al-Rāzī’s Marginalia to Logic by Silvia Di Vincenzo

Unfolding Parallel Reasoning in Islamic Jurisprudence: Epistemic and Dialectical Meaning in Abū Isḥāq al-Shīrāzī’s System of Co-Relational Inferences of the Occasioning Factor by Shahid Rahman and Muhammad Iqbal

When the Present Misunderstands the Past: How a Modern Arab Intellectual Reclaimed His Own Heritage by Hassan Tahiri

Arab Law Quarterly

Arab Law Quarterly

Volume 32 Issue 2

The Applicability of the 1980 Hague Abduction Convention in Muslim Countries: Particular Reference to the Malaysian Position by Abdul Ghafur Hamid, Nora Abdul Hak, Najibah Mohd Zin, and Hidayati Mohamed Jani

Sustainable Financing and Enhancing the Role of Islamic Banks in Malaysia by Sherin Kunhibava, Sarah Tan Yen Ling, and Md Khalil Ruslan

Sufficiency of Omani Laws to Suppress Cybercrimes in Light of the UN Comprehensive Study on Cybercrimes by Muhammad Masum Billah

Juristic Differences over the Implementation of Qiṣāṣ against a Muslim Who Kills a Non-Muslim by Muhammad Amanullah

British Journal of Middle East Studies

British Journal of Middle East Studies

Volume 45 Issue 2

Population Crisis, Marriage Reform and the Regulation of Male Sexuality in Interwar Iran by Sivan Balslev

The Revolutionary Guards: From Spoiler to Accepter of the Nuclear Agreement by Farhad Rezaei and Somayeh Khodaei Moshirabad

The Failure of Economic Reform in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (1921–2015): The Vicious Circle of Uncivic Traditions, Resource Curse, and Centralization by Nyaz Najmalddin Noori

The Voice and Loyalty of Business in Kuwait: Merchant Politics in Times of Contention by Anastasia Nosova

Imagined or Real: The Intersection of Tribalism and Nationalism in the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) by Norbert Ross and Ahmad Mohammadpur

A Tale of Two Cities and One Telegram: The Ottoman Military Regime and the Population of Greater Syria during WWI by Yuval Ben-Bassat and Dotan Halevy

Opposition Visions for Preserving Syria’s Ethnic-Sectarian Mosaic by Rustum Mahmoud and Stephan Rosiny

The Rastakhiz Party and Pahlavism: The Beginnings of State Anti-Westernism in Iran by Zhand Shakibi

The Jerusalem Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture, 1909–1910: An Early Attempt at Inter-Communal Cooperation by Joseph B. Glass and Ruth Kark

Discrimination Against Jewish Women in Halacha (Jewish Law) and in Israel by Raphael Cohen-Almagor

Central Asian Survey

Central Asian Survey

Volume 37 Issue 2

Building Transregional and Historical Connections: Uyghur Architecture in Urban Xinjiang by Madlen Kobi

Public Councils in Kazakhstan: A Case of Emergent Participative Democracy? By Colin Knox and Saltanat Janenova

Contemporary Islam

Contemporary Islam

Volume 12 Issue 1

Albanian Women’s Interpretations of Islam Enlarge the Space of Women by Nora Repo

‘Alawi Muslims in Argentina: Religious and Political Identity in the Diaspora by Silvia Montenegro

Crafting Sacrality from the Tensile Life of Objects: Learning about the Material Life of Prayer Beads from a Khaksari Sufi Murshid by Younes Saramifar

Muslim Youth and Consumerism: A Study of Islamic Street Wear by Imène Ajala

Critical Muslim

Critical Muslim

Volume 26

Special Issue: Gastronomy

Introduction: Postnormal Fare by Merryl Wyn Davies

Twice Removed Migrant by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Willowbrook Farm by Timothy Bartel

Celebrity Chefs by Jeremy Henzell-Thomas

Wine in Sufi Poetry by Charles Upton

My 1940s Baghdad Kitchen by Sami Zubaida

Gourmet Futures by Colin Tudge

Muslim Veggies by Shanon Shah

Claudia Roden by Boyd Tonkin

Caucasus Rituals by Gunel Isakova

Coffee by Tahir Abbas

Fried Chicken Shops by Hussein Kesvani

The Haloodies by Imran Kausar

Love Stews by Yemisi Aribisala

Der Islam

Der Islam

Volume 95 Issue 1

“The Romans Will Win!” Q 30:2‒7 in Light of 7th c. Political Eschatology by Tommaso Tesei

Muḥammad the Paraclete and ʿAlī the Messiah: New Remarks on the Origins of Islam and of Shiʿite Imamology by Mohammad-Ali Amir-Moezzi

Sasanian Amulet Practices and their Survival in Islamic Iran and Beyond by Sarah Kiyanrad

Dalāʾil al-Nubuwwa Literature as Part of the Medieval Scholarly Discourse on Prophecy by Mareike Koertner

The ʿAbbāsid Revolution in Marw: New Data by Étienne de la Vaissière

Truth and Politics in Late Medieval Arabic Historiography: The Formation of Sultan Barsbāy’s State (1422‒1438) and the Narratives of the Amir Qurqumās al-Shaʿbānī (d. 1438) by Jo Van Steenbergen and Stijn Van Nieuwenhuyse

Quand une édition imprimée redevient manuscrit: le Kitāb al-Masālik d’Ibn Ḥawqal (Rabat, Fondation ʿAllāl al-Fāsī, ʿayn 608) by Jean-Charles Ducène

International Journal of Middle East Studies

International Journal of Middle East Studies

Volume 50 Issue 2

Leavened Apprehensions: Bread Subsidies and Moral Economies in Hashemite Jordan by José Ciro Martínez

Labor-Time: Ecological Bodies and Agricultural Labor in 19th- and Early 20th-century Egypt by Jennifer L. Derr

The Original Arabs: The Invention of the “Bedouin Race” in Ottoman Palestine by Seraj Assi

Encompassing Judaism: Elmessiri and the “Islamic Humanist” Self by Robbert A.F.L. Woltering

Cinematic Governmentality: Cinema and Education in Modern Iran, 1900s–1930s by Golbarg Rekabtalaei

The Party of God: The Association of Algerian Muslim ʿulamaʾ in Contention with the Nationalist Movement after World War II by Shoko Watanabe

Miniskirts and “Beatniks”: Gender Roles, National Development, and Morals in 1960s Tunisia by Amy Aisen Kallander

Iranian Studies

Iranian Studies

Volume 51 Issue 3

From Ancient India to Medieval Shiraz: The Journey of the Ascetic Cat by Saghi Gazerani

The Apocalypse of Ecstasy: The Poetry of Shah Ismāʿīl Revisited by Amelia Gallagher

The Topkapı Manuscript of the Jāmiʿ al-Tawārikh (Hazine 1654) from Rashidiya to the Ottoman Court: A Preliminary Analysis by Mohamad Reza Ghiasian

A Guarded Courtship: Soviet Cultural Diplomacy in Iran from the Late 1940s to the 1960s by Nodar Mossaki and Lana Ravandi-Fadai

The Village in Contemporary Persian Poetry by Fatemeh Shams

Framed Memories: The Politics of Recollection in Mana Neyestani’s An Iranian Metamorphosis by Amir Khadem

Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations

Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations

Volume 29 Issue 2

Ibn al-Ṭayyib’s Trinitarian Formulation in the Islamic Milieu by Michael Kuhn

Hidden or Forbidden, Elected or Rejected: Sufism as ‘Islamic Esotericism’? By Simon Sorgenfrei

China, Japan and Christian Emissaries to Muslim Lands by James Morris

A Reappraisal of the Role of Muḥibb al-Dīn al-Khaṭīb and the YMMA in the Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood by Mehdi Sajid

Expansion and Contraction of Scripture: The Ritual (Im)purity of Unbelievers According to Shīʿa Jurisprudence by Mahmoud Pargoo

‘My Husband is My Key to Paradise.’ Attitudes of Muslims in Indonesia and Norway to Spousal Roles and Wife-Beating by Levi Geir Eidhamar

Islamic Africa

Islamic Africa

Volume 9 Issue 1

From Texts to Meanings: Close Reading of the Textual Cultures of Islamic Africa by Amir Syed and Charles Stewart

“Where is My Region?” Geographical Representation and Textuality in Sokoto by Stephanie Zehnle

Abdullahi dan Fodio and Muhammad Bello’s Debate over the Torobbe-Fulani: Case Study for a New Methodology for Arabic Primary Source Material from West Africa by Paul Naylor

Unbraiding the Qu’ran: Wolofal and the Tafsīr Tradition of Senegambia by Jeremy Dell

Secrets on the Muhammadan Way: Transmission of the Esoteric Sciences in 18th Century Scholarly Networks by Zachary Wright

Working with African Arabic Script Manuscripts: A Workshop Report by Erin Pettigrew

Islamic Law and Society

Islamic Law and Society

Volume 25 Issue 1-2

Themed Issue: A Third Wave of Waqf Studies

Theme Issue: A Third Wave of Waqf Studies
 by Nada Moumtaz

The Development of a Locker System at al-Azhar by Irfana Hashmi

“Is the Family Waqf a Religious Institution?” Charity, Religion, and Economy in French Mandate Lebanon
 by Nada Moumtaz

The Testamentary Waqf as an Instrument of Elite Consolidation in Early Twentieth-Century Massawa (Eritrea)
 by Jonathan Miran
 and Aharon Layish

The Traveling Waqf: Property, Religion, and Mobility beyond China
 by Matthew S. Erie

Israel Affairs

Israel Affairs

Volume 24 Issue 2

Haunted by Jackals: The Expulsions of 1917 by Glenda Abramson

The Use of Former British Military Bases During and After the 1948 War by Arnon Golan and Amiram Oren

Haaretz Newspaper, the Capitalist Agenda and Menachem Begin’s Political Legitimacy by Amir Goldstein

The Impact of Public Debt on Economic Growth in the Israeli Economy by Tal Shahor

From FM to FB: Radio Stations on Facebook by Tal Laor and Nili Steinfeld

Decrepitude As a Source of Symbolic Capital: The Case of the Israeli Army Radio Station by Oren Soffer

Journalists Who Cross Over to Politics: Perceived Motivations, Communicative and Parliamentary Salience by Azi Lev-on and Rafi Mann

The Ability to Unite: The Jewish Resistance Movement in Mandatory Palestine by Ido Yahel

Youth Exposure to Security Threats in Israel by Yifat Ben-David and Shlomo Romi

Journal of Arabic Literature

Journal of Arabic Literature

Volume 49 Issue 1-2

Special Issue: In Memory and Honor of the Life and Work of Pierre Cachia, 2018

Al-Jāḥiẓ on Misarticulation: Bayān 1.34.4-74.8 by James E. Montgomery

Gleanings of Curiosities from the Harvest-Fields of Arabic Literature: Chapter 87 of Kitāb al-Zahrah by Ibn Dāwūd al-Iṣbahānī (d. 297/910) by Geert Jan van Gelder

Praise of the Prophet and Praise of Self: Sīrat Banī Hilāl and Epic Narrative in Performance by Susan Slyomovics

Abū Zayd al-Hilālī: Trickster, Womanizer, Warrior, Shaykh by Dwight F. Reynolds

“The Language of the Eyes”: Speech Acts and the Gaze in a Monologue by Badīʿah Maṣābnī by Marlé Hammond

Orientalism and World Literature: A Re-reading of Cosmopolitanism in Ṭāhā Ḥusayn’s Literary World by Wen-chin Ouyang

Journal of Asian and African Studies

Journal of Asian and African Studies

Volume 53 Issue 3

Agencies of Social Movements: Experiences of Bangladesh’s Shahbag Movement and Hefazat-e-Islam by Fahmida Zaman

Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient

Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient

Volume 61 Issue 1-2

Special Issue: Speaking the End Times: Prophecy and Messianism in Early-Modern Eurasia

Speaking the End Times: Early Modern Politics and Religion from Iberia to Central Asia by Mayte Green-Mercado

A Mediterranean Apocalypse: Prophecies of Empire in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries by Cornell H. Fleischer

Morisco Prophecies at the French Court (1602-1607) by Mayte Green-Mercado

Could Early Modern Messianic Movements Cross Religious Boundaries? By Matt Goldish

The Messianic Kingship of Augustin Bader as Anti-Habsburg Polemic: Prophecy and Politics in Reformation Germany by Robert Bast

Condominial Sovereignty and Condominial Messianism in the Timurid Empire: Historiographical and Numismatic Evidence by Evrim Binbaş

The Hidden Face of Surat: Reflections on a Cosmopolitan Indian Ocean Centre, 1540-1750 by Sanjay Subrahmanyam

Space, Sociality, and Sources of Pleasure: A Response to Sanjay Subrahmanyam by Mana Kia

Unsavoury Cosmopolitanism: Reflections on Sanjay Subrahmanyam’s “The Hidden Face of Surat” by Evrim Binbaş

Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient

Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient

Volume 61 Issue 3

Beneath the Mustache: A Well-Trimmed History of Facial Hair in the Late Ottoman Era by Avner Wishnitzer

The Promises and Perils of Courtly Poetry: The Case of Mir ʿAbd al-Jalil Bilgrami (1660-1725) in the Late Mughal Empire by Abhishek Kaicker

Female Labor, Merchant Capital, and Resilient Manufacturing: Rethinking Ottoman Armenian Communities through Labor and Business by Yasar Tolga Cora

The Mandaean Community and Ottoman-British Rivalry in Late 19th-Century Iraq: The Curious Case of Shaykh Ṣaḥan by Thabit A.J. Abdullah

Life in the Egyptian Valley under Ikhshīdid and Fāṭimid Rule: Insights from Documentary Sources by Daisy Livingston

The Adoption of Paper in the Middle East, 700-1300 AD by Maya Shatzmiller

Journal of Islamic Studies

Journal of Islamic Studies

Volume 29 Issue 2

Contested Avenues in Post-Classical Sunni Ḥadīth Criticism: A Reading through the Lens of al-Mughnī ʿan al-Ḥifẓ wa-l-kitāb by Mustafa Macit Karagözoğlu

The Merits of the Bāṭiniyya: Al-Ghazālī’s Appropriation of Ismaʿili Cosmology by Khalil Andani

Muslims in the American Media: From Texts to Affects by Kathleen M Foody

Journal of Near Eastern Studies

Journal of Near Eastern Studies

Volume 77 Issue 1

A Basmala-Inscribed Jug from Arsur’s Mamluk Destruction of AD 1265: The Religious Manifestation of a Christian-Used Table Vessel? By Oren Tal, Itamar Taxel, and Annette Zeischka-Kenzler

Dhimma Agreements and Sanctuary Systems at Islamic Origins by Sarah Mirza

The Journal of North African Studies

The Journal of North African Studies

Volume 23 Issue 3

Special Section: Soft Power in the Maghrib after the Arab Uprisings

Introduction: National Identities after 2011: Interrogating the Politics of Culture and Relations of Soft Power in the Maghrib by Anna Baldinetti and Charis Boutieri

On Democratic Glossaries: ‘Soft Power’ and Hard Markets in Post-Revolutionary Tunisia by Charis Boutieri

Authoritarian Resilience in Morocco after the Arab Spring: A Critical Assessment of Educational Exchanges in Soft Power by J. N. C. Hill

Languages in Libya: Building Blocks of National Identity and Soft Power Tools by Anna Baldinetti

The Promotion of Linguistic Rights Before and After 2011: UNESCO’s Role in the Maghrib by Lorenzo Medici

Multilingualism in Algeria: Between ‘Soft Power’, ‘Arabisation’, ‘Islamisation’, and ‘Globalisation’ by Anissa Daoudi

Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society

Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society

Volume 25 Issue 2

Language as Power: Literary Interpretations of the Qur’an in Early Islam by Tehseen Thaver

Remembering Saladin: The Crusades and the Politics of Heresy in Persian Historiography by Daniel Beben

The Concept of jadhb and the Image of majdhūb in Sufi Teachings and Life in the Period between the Fourth/Tenth and the Tenth/Sixteenth Centuries by Arin Salamah-Qudsi

After the Massacres: Nursing Survivors of Partition Violence in Pakistan Punjab Camps by Ilyas Chattha

G.A. Naqvi: From Indian Police (UP), 1926 to Pakistani Citizen (Sindh), 1947 by Rakesh Ankit

Middle East Critique

Middle East Critique

Volume 27 Issue 2

Special Issue: Media in Turkey

Guest Editor’s Introduction by Roxane Farmanfarmaian

The Turkish Media Structure in Judicial and Political Context: An Illustration of Values and Status Negotiation by Roxane Farmanfarmaian, Ali Sonay, and Murat Akser

Local Media in Turkey: The Growth of Islamic Networks in Konya’s Radio Landscape by Ali Sonay

All Is Flux: A Hybrid Media Approach to Macro-Analysis of the Turkish Media by Aslı Tunç

Social Media in Turkey As a Space for Political Battles: AKTrolls and Other Politically Motivated Trolling by Erkan Saka

Understanding ‘New Turkey’ Through Women’s Eyes: Gender Politics in Turkish Daytime Talk Shows by Yeşim Burul and Hande Eslen-Ziya

Negotiating Values in the Islamist Press after 2013 by Michelanglo Guida

Representation of Terror and Ethnic Conflict in the Turkish Press: An Analysis of the Peace Process in Turkey by Ayse Seda Yuksel-Pecen

The Middle East Journal

The Middle East Journal

Volume 72 Issue 2

Egypt’s New Authoritarianism under Sisi by Bruce K. Rutherford

The Pre-2011 Roots of Syria’s Islamist Militants by Line Khatib

Authoritarianism beyond Borders: The Iraqi Ba’th Party as a Transnational Actor by Samuel Helfont

Revolution and War: Saddam’s Decision to Invade Iran by Chad E. Nelson

Basra’s Bid for Autonomy: Peaceful Progress toward a Decentralized Iraq by Benjamin Isakhan and Peter E. Mulherin


Middle Eastern Studies

Middle Eastern Studies

Volume 54 Issue 3

Hygienic Beauty: Discussing Ottoman-Muslim Female Beauty, Health and Hygiene in the Hamidian Era by Berrak Burçak

Fragile Frontiers: Sayyid Taha II and the Role of Kurdish Religio-Political Leadership in the Ottoman East during the First World War by Metin Atmaca

Building the Country or Rescuing the People: Ben-Gurion’s Attitude towards Mass Jewish Immigration to Israel in the Mid-1950s by Avi Picard

Who Represented the Israeli Middle Class? The Crystallization of the General Zionists from 1948 to 1949 by Amir Goldstein

Sheikh Muhammad Abu Zahra (1898–1974) on International Relations: The Discourse of a Contemporary Mainstream Islamist by Sami E. Baroudi

Interpretation and Mutability: Socio-Legal Texts of the Quran; Three Accounts from Contemporary Iran by Ali Akbar and Abdullah Saeed

Islamists Against the Class Cleavage: Identity Formation and Interest Representation in the Case of Hak-İş in Turkey by Aykut Öztürk

Chechen Ethnic Identity: Assessing the Shift from Resistance to Submission by Marat Iliyasov

‘Let Them Entertain Themselves’: The Fall of the Mubarak Regime Seen through Egyptian Political Cartoons by Rania Saleh

The Muslim World

The Muslim World

Volume 108 Issue 2

Special Issue: The Challenges and Opportunities of Teaching Islam at Theological Seminaries

Introduction to the Muslim World Special Issue of the “The Challenges and Opportunities of Teaching Islam in Theological Seminaries.” by Feryal Salem


Being Bilingual: Thoughts on the Insider/Outsider Problem in Teaching Islam by Jawad Anwar Qureshi

Muslim Studies at Emmanuel College: The Opportunities and Challenges of Intercultural Pedagogies and Emerging Epistemologies by Nevin Reda

Vocation and Identity through the Study of Islam: Finding Pluralism at a Lutheran University by Rose S. Aslan

One Hundred Twenty‐Five Years of Islamic Studies at Hartford Seminary by Feryal Salem

Arabic Instruction at Hartford Seminary: A History Since the Nineteenth Century by Rev. Steven Blackburn

Reflections on Islamic Studies in Interreligious Contexts by Munir Jiwa

“But what are we doing about ISIS?” Introducing Islam at the Institute for Islamic, Christian and Jewish Studies by Homayra Ziad

Teaching Islam in the Public University: Facilitating and Embracing Critical Conversations by Maria M. Dakake

The Role of Practice‐Based Education in Islamic Spiritual Care: The Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Training by Nazila Isgandarova

Politics, Religion & Ideology

Politics, Religion & Ideology

Volume 19 Issue 1

Special Issue: Ruin or Resilience? The Future of the Gülen Movement in Transnational Political Exile

The Future of the Gülen Movement in Transnational Political Exile: Introduction to the Special Issue by Simon P. Watmough and Ahmet Erdi Öztürk

A Framework for Understanding the Intra-Islamist Conflict Between the AK Party and the Gülen Movement by M. Hakan Yavuz

From ‘Diaspora by Design’ to Transnational Political Exile: The Gülen Movement in Transition by Simon P. Watmough and Ahmet Erdi Öztürk

The Gülen Movement and the Transfer of a Political Conflict from Turkey to Senegal by Gabrielle Angey

Situating the Gülen Movement in France and in Europe by Bayram Balci

Pious Creativity: Negotiating Hizmet in South America After July 2016 by Liza Dumovich

From the ‘New Rome’ to the Old One: The Gülen Movement in Italy by Luca Ozzano

The Gülen Movement in London and the Politics of Public Engagement: Producing ‘Good Islam’ Before and After 15 July by Caroline Tee

The Gülen Movement and Surviving in Exile: The Case of Australia by David Tittensor

Sociology of Islam

Sociology of Islam

Volume 6 Issue 1

A Manifesto: The Meaning of Sociology of Islam, Muslim Societies, the “Middle East” and the Human Rights Industry by Tugrul Keskin

Islam. The Meaning of Style by Pierre Hecker

African American Twelver Shia Community of New York by Abbas Aghdassi and Seyed Mohammad Marandi

Society in Qatar before the Oil Industry in Light of Archaeological Evidence by Moain Sadeq

Texts as Objects of Value and Veneration by Mahmood Kooria

Studia Islamica

Studia Islamica

Volume 113 Issue 1

Murūʾa by Salah Natij

“The Death of the Body is the Birth of the Soul”: Contradictory Views on the Resurrection in Rasā’il Ikhwān Al-Ṣafā’ by Shatha Almutawa

Un manifeste de la religion abrahamique (la Ḥanīfiyya) by Jean-Louis Déclais

Turkish Studies

Turkish Studies

Volume 19 Issue 2

Special Issue: Islamism, Populism, and Turkish Foreign Policy


Populism and Islamism in Turkey by Bill Park


Turkey’s ‘Western’ or ‘Muslim’ Identity and the AKP’s Civilizational Discourse by Menderes Çınar

Populism and Foreign Policy in Turkey under the AKP Rule by Burak Bilgehan Özpek and Nebahat Tanriverdi Yaşar

Dark Taints on the Looking Glass: Whither ‘New Turkey’? By Mustafa A. Sezal and İhsan Sezal

Politicization of Recent Turkish History: (Ab)use of History as a Political Discourse in Turkey by Mustafa Serdar Palabiyik

Islamism and Turkey’s Foreign Policy during the Arab Spring by Birol Başkan

Neo-Developmentalist Turn in the Global Political Economy? The Turkish Case by Mustafa Kutlay and Hüseyin Emrah Karaoğuz

Turkish Studies

Turkish Studies

Volume 19 Issue 3

Recruitment or Enlistment? Individual Integration into the Turkish Hezbollah by Mustafa Coşar Ünal and Tuncay Ünal

To Fight or Not to Fight? A Multivariate Analysis of Turkish Public Opinion on the Use of Force by Osman Sabri Kiratli

Sufism and Sufi Orders in Compulsory Religious Education in Turkey by Manami Ueno

Ethnic Conflict and Gender Inequality in Education: The Case of Turkey by Ramazan Kılınç, Jody Neathery-Castro, and Selin Akyüz

Motives for Turkish Return Migration from Western Europe: Home, Sense of Belonging, Discrimination and Transnationalism by Filiz Kunuroglu, Kutlay Yagmur, Fons J. R. Van De Vijver, and Sjaak Kroon

Making of Military Tutelage in Turkey: The National Security Council in the 1961 and 1982 Constitutions by Ayşegül Kars Kaynar

Afghan Migration through Turkey to Europe: Seeking Refuge, Forming Diaspora, and Becoming Citizens by Ahmet İçduygu and Sibel Karadağ