Fall 2018 Journal Roundup

[Updated: 26 November] Check out our Journal Roundups for the latest articles in Islamic studies. Twelve iterations have been published and the Fall 2018 edition is now online. The Fall Edition currently has issues from thirty-two journals in a wide variety of subjects and disciplines and will be revised as more journals announce their fall issues.

The journal roundup project covers over ninety English language journals in a variety of disciplines related to Islamic Studies, providing the table of contents for each journal as a tool for researchers, academics, students, and those generally interested in the field of Islamic Studies. We include only articles; book reviews can be found on the journal sites. Please let us know if we have missed any journals or if you have questions at journals@themaydan.com.





Volume 1 Issue 2

Contextualizing Mes Aynak by Deborah Klimburg-Salter

A Prolegomenon to the Study of Pottery Stamps from Mes Aynak by Judith A. Lerner

The Shaykh al-Islam in Medieval Khurasan by Shivan Mahendrarajah

Khandut Revisited: Monuments, Shrines, and Newly Discovered Rock Art in Wakhan District by John Mock

The Restored Mausoleum of Abu’l-Walid in Herat: Challenges in Heritage Restoration in Afghanistan by Abdul Wasay Najimi 

Al-Masāq: Journal of the Medieval Mediterranean

Al-Masāq: Journal of the Medieval Mediterranean

Volume 30 Issue 3

Special Issue: Voices of Conflict and Collaboration in the Medieval Mediterranean


Introduction by Michael Lower and Uri Zvi Shachar


Muslim Crusaders: Guzmán el Bueno and the Limits of Secular History by Hussein Fancy

Affiliation and Ideology at the End of the Almohad Caliphate by Abigail Krasner Balbale

A Christian Shīʿī, and Other Curious Confreres: Ibn ʿAbd al-Barr of Córdoba on Getting Along with Unbelievers by Luke Yarbrough

Baybars, Naval Power and Mamlūk Psychological Warfare against the Franks by Ann E. Zimo

What Was Crusader about the Crusader States? By Christopher MacEvitt 



Volume 39 Issue 1

The Origin of the Isnād and al-Mukhtār b. Abī ‘Ubayd’s Revolt in Kūfa (66-7/685-7) by Pavel Pavlovitch

A Fragment of a Forgotten Dictionary: Essai on Dating Parisinus arabicus 4235 of BnF by Mustapha Jaouhari

The Andalusians Ḥušūd during the Umayyad Emirate (756-929): An Ambiguous Term Used for the Gathering of Troops by Josep Suñé Arce

Red According to Ibn Sīdah’s Kitāb al-Mujaṣṣaṣ. A Contribution to Arabic Lexicography by Dolores Serrano-Niza

Discussing al-Bāqillānī’s Theology in the Maghrib: ‘Abd al-Jalīl b. Abī Bakr al-Dībājī al-Raba‘ī’s al-Tasdīd fī sharḥ al-Tamhīd by Hassan Ansari and Jan Thiele

Coins from the Seaside. An Emiral Silver Coin Hoard from a Harbour Settlement on the Cerro da Vila (Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal) by Stefan Heidemann, Thomas Schierl, and Felix Teichner 

Al-'Usur al-Wusta

Al-'Usur al-Wusta

Volume 26

Mecca and Macoraba by Ian D. Morris

Thematic Dossier: Formulating the Caliphate in the Islamic West: Umayyads, Ḥammūdids, and Almohads (Guest edited by Maribel Fierro and Patrice Cressier)

Introduction by Maribel Fierro and Patrice Cressier

Writing for the Caliphate: The Unique Necklace by Ibn ʿAbd Rabbih by Isabel Toral-Niehoff

Facing the Mahdī’s True Belief: Abū ʿAmr al-Salālijī’s Ashʿarite Creed and the Almohads’ Claim to Religious Authority by Jan Thiele

The Jihād of the Caliphs and the First Battles of Islam: Memory, Legitimization and Holy War, from Cordoba to Tinmal by Javier Albarrán

Preparing the Almohad Caliphate: The Almoravids by Pascal Buresi

The Ḥammūdid Caliphate: A New Look Through the Lens of Numismatics by Almudena Ariza Armada 

American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences

American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences

Volume 35 Issue 4

Aristotelian Dialectic, Medieval Jadal, and Medieval Scholastic Disputation by Mohammad Syifa Amin Widigdo

Islam and Support for Gender Inequality among Women in Turkey by John Bartkowski, Gabriel Acevedo, Gulcimen Karakeci, and Favor Campbell 

Asian Affairs

Asian Affairs

Volume 49 Issue 4

The Rohingya Crisis: Why the World Must Act Decisively by Syed Badrul Ahsan

Malaysia’s 14th General Elections: Drivers and Agents of Change by Francis E. Hutchinson

The Political System in Iraqi Kurdistan: Party Rivalries and Future Perspectives by Farhad Hassan Abdullah

The Changing Nature of the Pakistan Factor in India-Gulf Relations: An Indian Perspective by Md. Muddassir Quamar 

Australian Journal of Islamic Studies

Australian Journal of Islamic Studies

Volume 3 Issue 2

Adultery Laws in Islam and Stoning in the Modern World by Souha Korbatieh

The Role of the Qur’ānic Principle of Wasaṭiyyah in Guiding Islamic Movements by Nabil Yasien Mohammad

A Brief Review of Classical and Modern Tafsir Trends and Role of Modern Tafasir in Contemporary Islamic Thought by Amer Zulfiqar Ali

Serving Islam Peacefully during the Aggression and Said Nursi’s Kalamisation of Positive Action for Social Harmony by Salih Yucel

Jesus as God’s Word: A Comparative Study in Islamic and Christian Theologies by Grant Kynaston 

British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies

British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies

Volume 45 Issue 4

Special Issue: The Kurdish Case in the Middle East and Beyond: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Preface by Charountaki Marianna


State and Non-state Interactions in International Relations: An Alternative Theoretical Outlook by Marianna Charountaki

The A.K. Party and the Kurds since 2014: A Discourse of Terror by Natalie Martin

Contextualizing the Kurdish National Project: The Failed Iraqi Nation-State Thesis by Ofra Bengio

The Paradox of the Iraqi Kurdish Referendum on Independence: Contradictions and Hopes for Economic Prosperity by Fahrettin Sumer and Jay Joseph

The Reappearance of Kurdish Muslims in Turkey: The Articulation of Religious Identity in a National Narrative by Omer Tekdemir

The Impact of the English Loanwords in the Central Kurdish Dialect on Media Discourse by Dashne Sedeeq

Gurani: Practical Language or Kurdish Literary Idiom? By Behrooz Chaman Ara and Cyrus Amiri

The Quality of Higher Education in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq by Dawood Sulaiman Atrushi and Steve Woodfield 

British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies

British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies

Volume 45 Issue 5

Intimate Politics: Strategies and Practices of Female Mukhtars in Turkey by Senem Yildirim, Burcu Ucaray-Mangitli, and Hakki Tas

Farming the Desert: Agriculture in the Oil Frontier, the Case of the United Arab Emirates, 1940s to 1990s by Sabrina Joseph

Religious Commitment or a Textualist-Traditionalist Understanding of Islam? The Impact of Religious Orientations upon Social Tolerance in Turkey by Ebru Altınoğlu

Land and Settlement of Israel’s Negev Bedouin: Official (Ad hoc) Steering Committees, 1948–1980 by Havatzelet Yahel and Ruth Kark

Muting the Trumpets of Sabotage: Saudi Arabia, the US and the Quest to Securitize Iran by Simon Mabon

Turkish Islamism, Conservatism and Human Rights before and after Gezi: The Case of Mazlumder by Fabio Vicini

Ottoman Commercial Tribunals: Closer than Enemies, Farther than Friends by Ahmet Izmirlioglu

The Origins of Communist Unity: Anti-colonialism and Revolution in Iran’s Tri-continental Moment by Eskandar Sadeghi-Boroujerdi

‘When You Find Yourself Keep Moving’: Adapting to Change in A Thousand Rooms of Dream and Fear by William Kingsbury

The Kurdish Question in Iran and Its Effects on Iran-Turkey Relations by Bayram Sinkaya 

Central Asian Affairs

Central Asian Affairs

Volume 5 Issue 4

The Changing Landscape of (Political) Islam in Azerbaijan: Its Contextual Underpinnings and Future Prospects by Murad Ismayilov 

Central Asian Survey

Central Asian Survey

Volume 37 Issue 4

Modern Education and Literary Traditions: A Comparative View on the Development of Modern Uyghur and Tibetan Literature by Michal Zelcer-Lavid 

Contemporary Arab Affairs

Contemporary Arab Affairs

Volume 11 Issue 3

Policies and Politics Surrounding Islamic Studies Programs in Higher Education Institutions in the United States: The Perfect Storm in the War against Terrorism, Extremism, and Islamophobia by Hiba Khodr

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Conception of Citizenship Rights in Egypt by Khalil Al-Anani

The Authoritarian Spectrum through the Prism of Individualism/Collectivism: Lessons for Political Socialization in Moroccan Society by Ben Ahmed Hougua, El Amine Rachid, and Siyouri Hind

The Tunisian Revolution and the Role of Regional Development Disparities in Its Outbreak by Riadh Béchir

The Experience of New Public Management and New Public Governance in Selected Arab Countries by Ahmed M. E. Mansour

Relations between Qatar and Saudi Arabia after the Arab Spring by Abdul Rezak Bilgin

UAE–UK Relations in the Context of Brexit: An Insight into the Opportunities and Challenges by Mohammed Hussein Sharfi 

Contemporary Islam

Contemporary Islam

Volume 12 Issue 3

Reaching Out in a Climate of Negativity: Perceptions and Persistence among Muslim Sources Engaging with News Media by Michael B. Munnik

The Quest for Sharia in Indonesia: The Mobilization Strategy of the Forum of Islamic Society by Fahlesa Munabari

Islamic Inheritance in Australia and Family Provision Law: Are Sharia Wills Valid? By Malcolm Voyce

“I Am Satan!” Black Metal, Islam and Blasphemy in Turkey and Saudi Arabia by Jonas Otterbeck, Douglas Mattsson, and Orlando Pastene

The Construction of Authority and Authenticity in Islamic Discourse(s): Contrasting and Historicizing Contemporary Narratives from English Sunni Narratives by L. Cochrane and M. Adams 

Culture and Religion

Culture and Religion

Volume 19 Issue 4

Defining Islamic Modernity through Creative Writing: A Case Study of Indonesian Domestic Workers in Hong Kong by Pratiwi Retnaningdyah 

Der Islam

Der Islam

Volume 95 Issue 2

“The Owner of the Sky, God of Israel” in a New Jewish Ḥimyaritic Inscription Dating from the Fifth Century CE by Christian Julien Robin and Sarah Rijziger

“The Year According to the Reckoning of the Believers”: Papyrus Louvre inv. J. David-Weill 20 and the Origins of the hijrī Era by Mehdy Shaddel

Comparing Qurʾānic Suras with Pre-800 Documents by Andreas Kaplony

The Arab Conquest of Bukhārā: Reconsidering Qutayba b. Muslim’s Campaigns 87‒90 H/706‒709 CE by Sören Stark

The al-Wāḍiḥ Tafsīr: Further Evidence for Author Identification, Relationship with Tafsīr al-Kalbī, and Literary Analysis by Nosrat Nilsaz

Andalusische Philosophie nach Ibn Rušd: Intellektuelle Traditionen in al-Qurṭubīs antichristlicher Polemik by  Daniel Potthast

Iḫtiyār ad-Dīn al-Ḥasan ibn Ġafras. Ein Rūm-seldschukischer Usurpator aus byzantinischem Adel im Jahr 588/1192 by Stefan Heidemann and Claudia Sode

Aqquyunlu Turkmen Rulers Facing the Ruins of Takht-i Jamshīd by Georg Leube

La pratique de la ziyāra par procuration dans la Syrie médiévale à partir de trois documents inédits by Jean-Michel Mouton and Janine Sourdel-Thomine

Georg Pilder’s Arabisches Lexicon of 1772 – The Oldest Known Comprehensive Arabic-German Dictionary Rediscovered by Christian Mauder

The “German Fountain” in Istanbul: Object of Transfer in the Age of Historicism and Diplomacy by Lorenz Korn 

History of Religions

History of Religions

Volume 58 Issue 2

What Do Polemics Do? Religion, Citizenship, and Secularism in South Indian Islam by Nandagopal R. Menon 

International Journal of Persian Literature

International Journal of Persian Literature

Volume 3 Issue 1

The Indian Style and the Ottoman Literary Canon by Walter Feldman

The Translatability of Hāfiẓian Love Ghazals by Michael Craig Hillmann

Horses Changing Riders: The Prehistory of Two Allegories of Mystical Union in Shihāb al-Dīn Yaḥyā Suhrawardī and Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī by Urs Gösken

Pirzad’s Diasporic Transnational Subjects in “A Day Before Easter” by Claudia Yaghoobi

Poe’s World in Hidāyat’s The Blind Owl by Rouhollah Zarei 

Iranian Studies

Iranian Studies

Volume 51 Issue 5

Citations of ʿAttār and the Kanz al-Haqāyeq in ʿAli Akbar Khatāyi’s Book of China: A Sufi Path of Bureaucracy by Kaveh Louis Hemmat

Whatever Happened to The Little Black Fish? By Kaveh Bassiri

The Life of the Law in the Islamic Republic of Iran by Reza Banakar and Keyvan Ziaee

Heritage Learners’ versus Second Language Learners’ Source of Errors in Advanced-Level Writing: Case of a Persian Media Course by Pouneh Shabani-Jadidi 

Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations

Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations

Volume 29 Issue 4

Special Issue: The Study of Islam between University Theology and Lived Religion

The Study of Islam between University Theology and Lived Religion: Introductory Reflections by Ingvild Flaskerud and Oddbjørn Leirvik

Qur’anic Studies between University Theology and the Humanities: A Field Worth Cultivating? By Thomas Hoffmann

From Handmaiden of Theology to Handmaiden of Area Studies: Philological Approaches to Arabic-Islamic Studies in Norway by Nora S. Eggen

Accurate Knowledge: Implications of ‘Lived Islamic Theology’ for the Academic Study of Islamic Disciplines by Ulrika Mårtensson and Eli-Anne Vongraven Eriksen

‘Street Theology’: Vernacular Theology and Muslim Youth in Norway by Ingvild Flaskerud

Interreligious University Theologies, Christian/Islamic by Oddbjørn Leirvik 

Islamic Africa

Islamic Africa

Volume 9 Issue 2

Changing of the Guards: Politico-Religious Authority and Islamic Education in Mogadishu, Somalia by Ahmed Sh. Ibrahim

Scripting Black African Muslim Presence in South African Islam: A Quest for Self-understanding beyond the Moment of Conversion by Tahir Fuzile Sitoto

Muwālāt and Apostasy in the Early Sokoto Caliphate by Kota Kariya

“Caring for the People”: ZuriaFM – An Islamic Radio Station in Asante, Ghana by Benedikt Pontzen

Foundational Scholars of Islam in Africa: An Interview with Professor Louis Brenner by Joseph Hill

An Inventory of Arabic Manuscripts from Dalla, Central Mali (1800–1980s) by Hienin Ali Diakite 

Israel Affairs

Israel Affairs

Volume 24 Issue 5

The Oslo Peace Process: Interview with Joel Singer by Raphael Cohen-Almagor

The Six Day War: The War That No One Wanted by Yossi Goldstein

The Short- and Long-Term Effects of the Six Day War on the Israeli Economy by Ben-Zion Zilberfarb

Israel’s Intelligence Services and the Media: Four Decades of a Complex Tango by Clila Magen

Revisiting Moscow’s Support for the Establishment of Israel by Xiao Yu and Zeng Ji

Social Pluralism on the Air: Internet Radio in Israel by Tal Laor

Traditional Patron or Modern Supporter of Culture and the Arts? The Corporate Philanthropy Practices of an Israeli Family Business by Riki Galia

Understanding Public Support for Social Protest: Testing Collective Action Frames, Cognitive Liberation and Political Opportunity in the Israeli 2011 Summer Protest by Eran Zaidise, Shosh Shahrabani, Assaf Gal, and Uri Benzion

From Functional to Mythical: The Construction of a Symbolic Narrative on the Ruins of Ussishkin Arena by Orr Levental and Yair Galily

‘The Yarkon Is Always Green’: The Ecological Problems of the Yarkon River by Eran Eldar

The Advertising Industry as a Dynamic Environment: The Israeli Case by Osnat Roth-Cohen and Yehiel Limor 

Jerusalem Quarterly

Jerusalem Quarterly

Issue 75

Special Issue: Policing, Imprisonment, and Securitization in Palestine

Editorial: De-Fetishizing Law and Order by Roberto Mazza and Alex Winder, Guest Editors


Reading Obama’s Policing Task Force Report in Jerusalem: History, Accountability, and the New Geo-Governance in U.S. and Israeli Policing by Casey LaFrance

Simulating the Contact Zone: Corporate Mediations of (Less-Lethal) Violence in Israel, Palestine, and Beyond by Shimrit Lee

The Tegart Police Fortresses in British Mandate Palestine: A Reconsideration of Their Strategic Location and Purpose by Richard Cahill

Bridging Imperial, National, and Local Historiographies: Britons, Arabs, and Jews in the Mandate Palestine Police by Yoav Alon

Dynamics of Prison Resistance: Hunger Strikes by Palestinian Political Prisoners in Israeli Prisons by Malaka Mohammed Shwaikh

Policing the Intimate: Israel’s Anti-Miscegenation Movement by Sarah Ihmoud

Securing the Occupation in East Jerusalem: Divisions in Israeli Policy by Shir Hever

Diaries and Biographies

The Books in My Life: A Memoir: Part 3 by Tarif Khalidi

The Taufiq Canaan Memoirs: Part 2 by Taufiq Canaan 

Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient

Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient

Volume 61 Issue 5-6

Special Issue: Repossessing Property in South Asia: Land, Rights, and Law across the Early Modern/Modern Divide

Repossessing Property in South Asia: Land, Rights, and Law across the Early Modern/Modern Divide-Introduction by Faisal Chaudhry

The Theory and Practice of Property in Premodern South Asia: Disparities and Convergences by Timothy Lubin

Property and Social Relations in Mughal India: Litigations and Disputes at the Qazi’s Court in Urban Localities, 17th-18th Centuries by Farhat Hasan

Revenue Farming Reconsidered: Tenurial Rights and Tenurial Duties in Early Modern India, ca. 1556-1818 by Sudev Sheth

Property and Its Rule (in Late Indo-Islamicate and Early Colonial) South Asia: What’s in a Name? by Faisal Chaudhry

Sovereignty, Property and Land Development: The East India Company in Madras by Bhavani Raman

The Problem of Property: Local Histories and Political-Economic Categories in British India by Upal Chakrabarti

Fluid Histories: Swamps, Law and the Company-State in Colonial Bengal by Debjani Bhattacharyya 

Journal of Holy Land and Palestine Studies

Journal of Holy Land and Palestine Studies

Volume 17 Issue 2

The Nakba and Oral History by Rosemary Sayigh

Spaces of Truth: Palestinian Refugee Women Reframe Concerns of Jerusalem and Resist Judaisation by Laura Khoury

The Israel Lobby, Islamophobia and Judeophobia in Contemporary Europe and Beyond: Myths and Realities by Haim Bresheeth

On the ‘New Anti-Semitism’ and Its Political and Religious Consequences by Lawrence Davidson

The ‘New Antisemitism’, the Left and Palestine: The ‘Anti-Imperialism of Fools’ or an Invention of Imperial Reason? By Paul Kelemen 

Journal of Islamic Manuscripts

Journal of Islamic Manuscripts

Volume 9 Issue 2-3

Special Issue: The History of Books and Collections through Manuscript Notes

Preface by Boris Liebrenz

Unusual Readers in Early Modern Istanbul by Elif Sezer Aydınlı

Creating a Cultural Repertoire Based on Texts by Christopher D. Bahl

The Reconstruction of the Circulation of Muḥammad al-Hindī’s Ǧumal al-falsafa Using Manuscript Notes by Jawdath Jabbour

Scattered Manuscripts by Akram Khabibullaev

The Lives and Afterlives of the Library of the Maronite Physician Ḥannā al-Ṭabīb (c. 1702–1775) from Aleppo by Feras Krimsti

A Medieval Muslim Scholar’s Legacy by Boris Liebrenz

Ibadis on (and in) the Margins by Paul M. Love

La diffusion d’un ouvrage de logique arabe de la fin du XVII e siècle by Teymour Morel

In the Ḥakīm’s Own Hand by Deborah Schlein

Mamlūk Poetry, Ottoman Readers, and an Enlightenment Collector by James White

Tracing Ibn Ṭūlūn’s Autograph Corpus, with Emphasis on the 19th–20th Centuries by Torsten Wollina

A Manuscript of the Last Sultan of al-Andalus and the Fate of the Royal Library of the Nasrid Sultans at the Alhambra by Josef Ženka 

Journal of Middle East Women's Studies

Journal of Middle East Women's Studies

Volume 14 Issue 3

Special Issue: Generations


Generations by Frances S. Hasso


Pieces of Us: The Intimate as Imperial Archive by Munira Khayyat, Yasmine Khayyat, and Rola Khayyat

Redefining Paternal Filiation through DNA Testing: Law and the Children of Unmarried Mothers in the Maghreb by Delfina Serrano-Ruano

Muftis in the Matrix: Comparing Online English- and Arabic-Language Fatwas about Emergency Contraception by L. L. Wynn and Angel M. Foster

Review Essays

Feminisms in Tension at the “Feminism in Crisis?” Conference by Ghiwa Sayegh and Yasmin Shafei

Getting to the Party on Time: Revolution, Gender, and Sexuality as Global Historical Problematics by Wilson Chacko Jacob

Global IVF, Infertility, and Emergency Contraception in the Middle East and North Africa by Ellen J. Amster 

Journal of Muslims in Europe

Journal of Muslims in Europe

Volume 7 Issue 3

Halal Dating and Norwegian Youth Culture by Marianne Bøe

Comment on the Report of the Siddiqui Review Panel, 2018 by Ralph Grillo

Establishing Islam in Britain by Brendan McNamara

A Frame for Turkey’s Foreign Policy via the Diyanet in the Balkans by Ahmet Erdi Öztürk and İştar Gözaydın

The Making of the Good British Muslim by Friedrich Püttmann 

Journal of Near Eastern Studies

Journal of Near Eastern Studies

Volume 77 Issue 2

The Hero Dons a Talismanic Shirt for Battle: Magical Objects Aiding the Warrior in a Turkish Epic Romance by Helga Anetshofer 

The Journal of North African Studies

The Journal of North African Studies

Volume 23 Issue 5

Special Issue: Gender and Transnational Histories of Libya


The Trojan Horse: The Madkhali Movement in North Africa by George Joffé


Gender and Transnational Histories of Libya by Barbara Spadaro and Katrina Yeaw


Centre and Periphery: Variations in Gendered Space among Libyan Jews in the Late Ottoman Period by Rachel Simon

Finding Women and Gender in the Sources: Toward a Historical Anthropology of Ottoman Tripoli by Nora Lafi

Gender, Violence and Resistance under Italian Rule in Cyrenaica, 1923–1934 by Katrina Yeaw

Remembering the ‘Italian’ Jewish Homes of Libya: Gender and Transcultural Memory (1967–2013) by Barbara Spadaro

Our Star: Amazigh Music and the Production of Intimacy in 2011 Libya by Leila Tayeb

Challenging the Algerian Master Narrative in Samir Toumi’s L’Effacement (2016): A Counter-narrative for a Mujahidin Haunting by Valérie K. Orlando

Challenges and Opportunities Facing Successful Women in Morocco by Maia Hallward and Cortney Stewart 

Journal of Persianate Studies

Journal of Persianate Studies

Volume 11 Issue 1

Armenians, Diplomats, and Commercial Agents of Shah ʿAbbās: The European Journey of Khvāja Safar (c. 1609–14) by José Cutillas Ferrer

Reading ʿAttār’s Elāhināma as Sufi Practical Ethics: Between Genre, Reception, and Muslim and Christian Audiences by Ghazzal Dabiri

The Black Death in Iran, according to Iranian Historical Accounts from the Fourteenth through Fifteenth Centuries by Ahmad Fazlinejad and Farajollah Ahmadi

A Persian Origin of the Arabic Aristotle? The Debate on the Circumstantial Evidence of the Manteq Revisited by Erik Hermans

Ferdynand Goetel’s Iranian Experience: A Non-Colonial European Account of Mashhad by Magdalena Rodziewicz 

Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society

Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society

Volume 28 Issue 4

The Elephant and the Sovereign: India circa 1000 CE by Ali Anooshahr

The Non-issue of Coinage: The Monetary Policies of the Post-Bahmani Sultanates by Pushkar Sohoni

Dionisio Capulong and the Elite in Early Spanish Manila (c. 1570–1620) by John N. Crossley

Islam in Champa and the Making of Factitious History by Stephen G. Haw 

Middle Eastern Literatures

Middle Eastern Literatures

Volume 21 Issue 1

Embodying the Beloved: Embodiment, (Homo)eroticism, and the Straightening of Desire in the Hagiographic Tradition of Fakhr al-Dīn ʿIrāqī by Matthew Thomas Miller

Rethinking the Eurocentric Gaze in Narratives of Urban Modernity: The Shaykh, the Flâneur, and the Orientalist in Takhlīṣ al-Ibrīz and ʿAlam al-Dīn by Mona El-Sherif

Whose War Is It Anyway? Multilingual Games as Political Encoding in Rawi Hage’s De Niro’s Game by Syrine Hout

Is Perfect “Passing” Possible? Nationalism and Gender in the Writings of Sayed Kashua by Dana Olmert

Prolegomenon to the Story of Bosnian Mevlevi Literature in Arabic, Persian and Turkish by Slobodan Ilić 

Middle Eastern Studies

Middle Eastern Studies

Volume 54 Issue 6

Bread and Justice in Qajar Iran: The Moral Economy, the Free Market and the Hungry Poor by Stephanie Cronin

From Salary to Resistance: Mobility, Employment, and Violence in Dibra, 1792–1826 by Uǧur Bayraktar

The Social History of Fez Jews in the Gold-thread Craft between the Middle Ages and the French Colonialist Period (Sixteenth to Twentieth Centuries) by Shai Srougo

The ʿAssāf Family of Miʿilya: An Example of a Greek Catholic Family in the Western Upper Galilee, Eighteenth–Twenty-first Centuries by Rabei G. Khamisy

Exile, Resistance and Deportation: Circassian Opposition to the Kemalists in the South Marmara in 1922–1923 by Caner Yelbaşı

The Arithmetic of Rights: Zionist Intellectuals Imagining the Arab Minority May–July 1938 by Nimrod Lin

Britain, the Soviet Union, and the Arab–Israeli Conflict after the Six-Day War: Cooperation and Competition by Arieh J. Kochavi

Full Effort to Avoid Peace: The Failure of the First Rogers Plan by Yehuda U. Blanga

The Mojahedin-e Khalq versus the Islamic Republic of Iran: From War to Propaganda and the War on Propaganda and Diplomacy by Ronen A. Cohen

Song and Rebellion in the Syrian Uprising by Joel D. Parker 

Nazariyat: Journal for the History of Islamic Philosophy and Sciences

Nazariyat: Journal for the History of Islamic Philosophy and Sciences

Volume 4 Issue 3

Osmanlı İlim Dünyasında İşrâkî Bir Zümreden Söz Etmek Mümkün mü? Osmanlı Ulemasının İşrâkîlik Tasavvuru Üzerine Bir Tahlil by Mustakim Arıcı

Zihnî Varlık Tartışmalarının Klasik Sonrası Dönemde Alımlanışı: Bilginin Mahiyeti ve Kategorisi Bağlamında Bir İnceleme by Murat Kaş

İslam Mantık Geleneğinde Tanım Teorisi Eleştirilerine Bir Giriş: Tam Tanım, Kendisiyle Tanım Mıdır? By Mehmet Özturan

XVIII. Yüzyıl Osmanlı’sında Tasavvufî Bilgiyi Tartışmak: Saçaklızâde ile Alemî Arasındaki Ledünnî İlim ve İlham Tartışmasına Dair Bir İnceleme by Mehmet Gel 

Politics and Religion

Politics and Religion

Volume 11 Issue 4

Will Americans Vote for Muslims? Cultural Outgroup Antipathy, Candidate Religion, and U.S. Voting Behavior by Kerem Ozan Kalkan, Geoffrey C. Layman, John C. Green 

Sociology of Islam

Sociology of Islam

Volume 6 Issue 3

Special Issue: Unregistered Muslim Marriages: Regulations and Contestations


Contextualizing Muslim Religious-Only Marriages by the Editors


Secular Rule and Islamic Ethics by Annelies Moors, Martijn de Koning, and Vanessa Vroon-Najem

Contesting the Boundaries between Civil and Religious Marriage by Anja Bredal

Religious-Only Marriages in the UK by Rehana Parveen

Unregistered Marriages of Indonesian Migrant Workers in Malaysia by Eva F Nisa

Marriage Registration among Palestinians and Syrians in Jordan by Dina Zbeidy

Beyond Non-Registration: Women Opting for Cohabitation in Tunis by Iris Kolman 

Turkish Historical Review

Turkish Historical Review

Volume 9 Issue 2

Getting to Know the Enemy: Hospitaller Malta’s Intelligence Network in the Early Seventeenth Century by Ivan Grech

Fundamentals of Ottoman-Safavid Peacetime Relations, 1639–1722 by Selim Güngörürler

Desperation, Hopelessness, and Suicide: An Initial Consideration of Self-Murder by Slaves in Seventeenth-Century Crimean Society by Fırat Yaşa 

Turkish Studies

Turkish Studies

Volume 19 Issue 5

Special Issue: Repression and Resistance: Fragments of Kurdish Politics in Turkey under the AKP Regime


Repression and Resistance – Fragments of Kurdish Politics in Turkey under the AKP Regime by Kumru F. Toktamis and Isabel David


The Limits of an ‘Open Mind’: State Violence, Turkification, and Complicity in the Turkish–Kurdish Conflict by Beja Protner

A Peace That Wasn’t: Friends, Foes, and Contentious Re-Entrenchment of Kurdish Politics in Turkey by Kumru F. Toktamis

The Moderation of Turkey’s Kurdish Left: The Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) by Ödül Celep

Reconciliation and Intergroup Forgiveness: The Case of the Kurdish Conflict in Turkey by Gülseli Baysu and Canan Coşkan

The Effects of Kobane in the Reconfiguration of the Popular Geopolitical Codes of Turkey’s Kurdish Movement by Alejandro Ciordia

An Unsuitable Theorist? Murray Bookchin and the PKK by Umair Muhammad

Artistic Expression in Times of Peace and War: The Case of Turkey’s Kurds from 2009 to the Present by Duygu Atlas